10 fun facts you did not know about trading

Did you know that trading started from goats?

Trading started from goats, yes let's go back to the BC (before Christ ) and AD ( after Dinosaurs). Some people needed milk; others needed warm wool. So, they came to the MARKET and Traded milk for wool. ( Want to know the rest? leave a comment )

Why people trade?

Why not, people trade every breath, they trade their ideas, they trade their time for a salary they trade on the market. It’s just part of day-to-day life.

How much money average trader profit?

On average monthly profit of every trader is around $6,000 this is a common number that everyone agrees on. It means some profit 200 some profit 200,000.

What people like to trade on?

From ToolsTrades statistics, the most used signal is a GOLD signal. Members around the world have the most request for GOLD signals.

Why bitcoin succeeded as trading?

The same is why $100 bill is a piece of paper drawn on it a drawing with a number 100. Consensus, people agree that this number has a value that all people agree on, and as long as people will use it and accept it as a majority it will be considered a valuable coin.

Is trading risky?

Trading has no risk at all. The reason why trading is sometimes considered as a black sheep of the family. The same as car manufacturers say that under 65 miles on a highway you will be safe, unfortunately, some drivers exceed the speed limit and do 100 miles per hour, and when the accident happens it is catastrophic. Same in trading as long as you have the rules checked [ v ] all the [ v ] boxes checked. The risk is minimal even nonexistent. ( want to know about the [ v ] check list, request it in the comments )

Does everyone trade?

In 2022 with the understanding of Crypto and NFT, ToolsTrades statistics shows members from the age of 18 and up to 92 yo trader worldwide. You even can BUY ToolsTrades Official logo NFT ( leave a comment and request the link )

How come people are afraid of trading?

People do not afraid to trade, people are afraid of the unknown. Unfortunately, no one has a formula education about finance and understands how a financial market works. And as long the governments will continue not to teach from a young age financial education. It will be always scary the same as it is scary to fly an airplane, no one understands aerodynamics.

Trading as a full-time job, is it a reality?

ToolsTrades Proclub members and Unlimited members Had registered to toolstrades since 2012, and when asked what do you do for a living? The answer is “full-time trader “.

When signals became part of trading?

The same question needed to be asked about the weather, when the weather prediction became accessible to the main public? 1700 – 1860.. With advanced technology. Signals on trading were done by brokers before the technology, who did the math and knew the product and suggested to millionaires before the year 1995 what company they should invest in. Once a technology came alive Artificial intelligence was introduced ( analyze endless points of data in a live mode to provide potential future direction ). ToolsTrades developed technology in 2017 as a technological marvel. Invested FIVE Million USD in Development and now you have, for ToolsTrades members free trading signals.

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