The Best Movies About Trading

The Best Movies About Trading

One of the surest ways to learn something in the modern world is from the screen of one’s TV. News, talk shows, interviews. All of that is unlimited in number and through the internet is available 24/7 to everyone. But, as weird as that may seem, movies can be educational as well. Movies can also be quite an influential tool at this time. That is why a lot of people do not turn to books or special programs when they want to submerge into the fascinatingly difficult world of trading. They want to see right there in from of their eyes. So, here is the list of the best movies about trading there are to this day.

Wall Street

This movie has already become classic. Released in 1987 it is telling a story of a young broker who only starts learning about the world of trading. The movie masterfully tells the story of the trading world along with rising the questions of morality and legality of the actions. Human nature intervened with the world of the trading – perfect movie for those who want to get a lot of interesting action and have some food for the thought as well.

Boiler room

Although known for his comedic talent, Giovanni Ribisi brought depth to his character in this movie. Spectators together with the characters of the film learn a lot about the consequence of one wrong action. Put in front of the seductively big amount of money – who of us wouldn’t take a chance to have it all? This movie shows the insides of the trading world.

Margin Call

2008 financial crisis is still looming over our heads, 10 years later. And we all still remember how crazy it was out there in 2008. Margin Call tells a story of several bank workers who saw the storm coming as they realized they could do absolutely nothing with the approaching catastrophe. Put in the crisis situation not a lot of people would find themselves in throughout their entire life, the situation is very relatable to many of us.

The big short

But if you really want to understand what happened back in 2008 The Big Short is the movie for you. This relatively new flick is based on a real story of people who foresaw the bubble bursting and taking stock and equity market sown for years to come. Fast narration along with the hard-to-swallow story is the movie for real traders who will not get lost in all of the terminologies. Although by the end of the movie every spectator will have a basic understanding of the trading world and how it is influential for the rest of the world.

Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is already becoming a classic for traders. Based on the recently happened story of a very real trader Jordan Belfort it is a story of a dream, professionalism, and embezzlement. Looking at the life choices it is hard to believe that the story really took place, but every bit of it is true. Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent in his portrayal of the main character and the world of trading shown in the movie attracts with glamour and noise.

These are only top-5 trading movies in our opinion. Watching all of them will not give a true picture of a trading world, but it will help understand how things work behind the glamour of the stocks exchanges. The interesting world of trading gets only more exciting after watching the movies on the list.


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